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Putnam: Kids love Pinewood Derby


“The Pinewood Derby teaches good sportsmanship and competition in a fun and friendly way,” said Dan Kuhn, the Cubmaster of 316, a sentiment I totally agree with.

It also teaches kids skills in math, science, technology and engineering (STEM) without them even realizing it.

“STEM is trendy right now, but the Cub Scouts have been doing it for over 50 years,” Kuhn said. “The Pinewood Derby teaches mechanics, physics and engineering, among other things. The kids get a lot out of it.”

As Cubmaster, Kuhn led our pack’s derby, which had 30 cars entered by Cub Scouts and 12 made by parents and siblings. The cars competed against each other on a 30-foot-long track that began with a five foot tall drop and has an electronic timer.

Pack Pinewood Derbies will be in full force every weekend between now and early April throughout Monroe and surrounding counties.

On the west side, you can see the top winners from each pack in Clarkson, Greece, Hamlin, Ogden, Parma and Sweden/Brockport compete in the Lighthouse District Pinewood Derby on Saturday, April 16, at the Mall at Greece Ridge (entrance 7 near Old Navy) Races begin at 10 a.m. with the championship race at 3 p.m.

If you want to see STEM, creativity and great sportsmanship in action, come on out!

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