271 Greece Ridge Center Dr, Rochester, NY 14626
(585) 225-0430

Advertise at the Mall at Greece Ridge

Advertise at The Mall at Greece RidgePlace your valuable out-of-home media dollars where millions of shoppers annually will see your message!

WalkUp Advertising’s ad network deploys theater-quality messages across eight two-sided kiosks throughout The Mall at Greece Ridge. Each video display unit is located in a high-traffic area of the mall – providing a captivating medium to extend your marketing reach and engage with consumers.

WalkUp Advertising’s video display network is a powerful and relevant out-of-home media vehicle, helping you enhance your campaigns, extend your reach, and drive consumers to engage with your brand. Make a big impression by reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers every month.

Print Advertising

Header Banners

Available in various sizes throughout the mall and located in highly visible and trafficked areas.

These large clings cannot be overlooked by mall visitors.

Sky Banners

Capture the attention of mall shoppers with 9’ w x 5’ h eye-catching, double-sided

banners located in main hallways. Larger, 14’ w x 8’ h banners are available in the

high-traffic food court area.


Captivate shoppers with large-format barricade clings. Vacant storefronts and

corridor walls are used to expand advertising opportunities and create something

that shoppers will see and remember.

Entrance Packages

Make a statement as soon as the shopper enters the mall and leave a lasting

impression when they exit. Door clings and window clings display across an entrance.

Choose an entrance wrap to have your message exclusively cover an entire set of doors

and windows.

For more information please visit their website or call Paul Bush at 585-348-9863.